College Staff

Atlantis Beach Baptist College staff are committed Christians, supportive of the College Vision and Mission. They provide an outstanding teaching and learning culture. Our staff value the importance of nurturing and respecting relationships with students, within teaching teams and throughout the learning community. They are highly professional in all aspects of their role; enthusiastic about providing students with a meaningful and inspiring education, willingly embrace a culture of high expectations, achievement and lifelong learning and are passionate about the ministry of the Baptist Colleges.

2021 College Staff


Mrs Lisa Potgieter

Dean of Students:

Mrs Charlene van Wyk

Secondary Teachers:

Ms Marie Armand

Ms Teaghan Barone

Mrs Fiona Crockett

Mrs Tracy-Lee Fick

Mrs Tanya Godwich

Miss Nastassia Gregoriadis

Mr Paul Menlove

Mr Michael Passaris

Mrs Eva Viola

Primary Teachers:

Mrs Candice Ambrose

Mrs Hayley Faulkner

Mrs Kira Findlay

Mrs Michelle Halliday

Mrs Rebekah Hanssen

Miss Chelsea Moore

Miss Lia Roodt

Miss Charlotte Smith

Mrs Rebeccca Tinley

Mrs Helen Visser

Mrs Kerrie Whitehead

Education Assistants:

Mrs Sarah Daley

Mrs Requel Donaldson

Ms Emma Groom

Ms Kiona Hindmarsh

Mrs Jacqueline Morgan

Ms Jessica Tipton

Office Manager:

Mrs Nicola Moores

Administration Assistants:

Mrs Zelda Croucher

Mrs Jessica Hall

Mrs Michelle Verster

Mrs Tara Webster

School Counsellor:

Mrs Danelle Priddy


Mr Phillip Kriwopischin